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Hackathon FAQ

  1.  How much time do I need to work at the hackathon? 

That depends on you. The more you put in, the more developed your project will be at the end. But everyone is busy and often projects stall because we think the job is too big. Even using the Hackathon to do one small task is a step towards success. 

  1. When do I need to be connected online? 

It’s an online event to give you maximum flexibility. All information will be available at all times through a wasap group and drive folder that you can use at you convenience. However, 18:00 CET on Friday February 10 will be the kick off zoom meeting. Try to at least connect with that. Your lead mentor will schedule check in calls with you at your convenience. 

  1. What is the actual work I have to produce? 

The final output will include 3 things: a prototype for your product or service, details about your business plan, and a 1 minute video that explains both. If you were part of SEED local workshops you can use the work you already did. 

  1. How do I know what to do?

Just check the info pac.  There you will find detailed descriptions about how to do the tasks, but also all the background information you need if you want to dig deeper. The video call on the first night will also give you all the information you need.  If you still need help, just ask for a mentor. 

  1. How do I get help from a mentor?

Send a message to Rea, the head mentor, and she will tell you which expert is best suited to help you with your question and schedule a call. 

  1. Who wins?

The projects will be evaluated based on the three tasks.  The judging criteria are most social benefit and most sustainable business model. Judging will be done by the presidents of the four associations in the SEED project.