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Strait Up mentors, supports and participates in projects that align with our goals. We bring international projects to the local community through workshops and events, leveraging best practices from other countries for maximum impact in the Strait of Gibraltar area. A few examples are….

COCO: Contra El Odio Cotidiano (Against Everyday Hate Speech)

A Spanish national project funded by the European Commision, Local workshops to fight gender violence, racism, and islamophobia. Online campaign against hate speech and participatoin in the National Youth Forum on Hate Speech.

Strait Up was one of 25 entities in Spain implementing local workshops against hate speech. Our online campaign was shared worldwide and continues to spread the COCO message.

What Europe Is Wearing

Representing Spain in a catelogue of traditional modern fashion within the EU and neighbourhood countries.

Share a Bike Share a Smile

The amazing work of Gabo Goldsack who shares his love of BMX with communities worldwide. Gabo and a network of riders in Europe collect good quality BMX parts and distribute them in countries without access to the material riders need. The result is an amzing intercultural connection between European pros who want to give back to the sport and new riders in developing countries. Share a Bike Share a Smile has created jams and supported riders in Morocco, Nigeria, Colombia, Equador, and Ukraine, just to name a few.

“You begin saving the world by saving one man at a time, all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.”